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Why having a workout partner makes a difference?

May 1st, 2013

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Why having a workout partner makes a difference?


For those of us that need motivation to get and stay active perhaps finding a friend, partner or loved one to workout with is the key to your success?


What can working out with a partner do for you?

Less expensive:  At most places, and Lionheart Personal Training is no different, you will fine that couples rates are offered. As you get fit and thin your wallet grows fat from the savings you will accrue.

Responsibility:  When working with a trainer a sense of responsibility develops. The client often but not always becomes accountable to the Trainer for there diet, alcohol and other consumptions.  Often times this is not the case however. The client simply goes through the steps of exercise and building a healthier and happier life. But secretly there “six Twinky a day habit” rules them from behind locked emotional doors. Being held responsible to someone who either lives with you, or joined you for meal might aid in changing the “cheat factor” to a great degree.

Accountability to and during workouts: We have all felt that sensation that doing something, anything is a better idea then going to the gym. Things like finally cleaning out the boxes your mom sent you ten years ago with everything you ever made in grade school is more important at this particular moment than anything else. Or the ever present idea on workout days that you haven’t visited your Aunt Martha for quite sometime.  Often I think people will find any accuse, I myself have heard clients say. “I’m thinking of going to the Dentist” and “my brother is doing his first performance as a clown at a kids birthday party” in order to get out of or reschedule workouts. Being accountable to a friend or love one might be what swings you in thew right direction.

It’s just more fun: We believe fun has to be part of every workout. If it’s fun and you can’t wait to do it again that is the key.

Exercise increases lebito as we age: For those of us over 40 you might see a steady decrease of “bed room” activity.


Weather you are working out with your spouse or significant other the benefits can be the same for your special someone. I mean come on thats a win win for everyone.


Remember working out should be fun for you and your partner have fun.

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