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Injury Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Exercise

Whether you’re suffering from a sports injury, degenerative issue or surgery, sometimes physical therapy just doesn’t take you far enough.
If you’ve had an injury or surgery and feel less than satisfied with your mobility, strength and flexibility, then Lionheart personal training is the next stop in your recovery.

Our recovery experts will pick up where physical therapy left off. Our ongoing recovery plans focus first on pain free movements of your day-to day-life. Getting you through required daily movements is our first priority.
Example, you have had surgery for a torn rotator cuff and have lost the ability to reach the top shelf of your closet, we will increase strength and mobility so you can do so.
MD001562Once pain-free “daily movements” can be accomplished your happiness and sense of well-being will definitely increase.

Next we focus on full mobility and strength. This will increase your strength and flexibility to the extreme aspects of human movement. Our job is to get you not only flexible, but functional.

  • First visit is Free
  • Receive Quality Care
  • Both in Gym and Take Home Workouts and Flexibility Programs
  • Access to Holistic Treatments and Pain Management.


We will get you the last few steps of the way to full recovery, for the rest of a healthy and happy life.