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Meet Our Trainers

michaelB. Michael Aiello: Owner/MS, SIEP, USATF Link to LinkedIn.

“Success is not final, failure isn’t fatal: it’s the courage to continue that counts. -Winston Churchill

A former U.S. Marine, Michael brings years of experience to help you achieve all your goals. He has worked with individuals of all types… from fitness novices to competitive athletes. He holds a Masters degree in both Education and Athletic Management with a emphasis in sports rehab. He has 25 years of experience in rehabilitation and post operative therapy.

Michael is not only a therapeutic practitioner but has been on the other side of rehab himself. After a severe back injury Mike spent many months in rehab and in fact he still is rehabbing his back even after 20 years. 

In addition Mike spearheads our fitness over fifty program which he calls “the safe place”… for those looking to stay strong and active even though they might have a few more gray hairs than they used to. 

Jonathan Peck: Owner/ NASM, USAPL, Lead TrainerLink to LinkedIn.

“Life isn’t about Finding Yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

A native of Oklahoma, Jonathan moved to St. Louis to fulfill his dream of being a world class Personal Trainer. As a former basketball, track and cross country athlete, he brings a solid fitness background to the table. With all these tools and with his positive energy and imaginative style…Jonathan creates amazing workouts which serve to make you better each and every day. On your first visit to Lionheart, Jonathan will guide you through a series of fitness test in order to build you a workout tailored to your individual goals.

Garrett Gaston: Certified Trainer ISSA, AFPA

“I think there are two keys to success. One is to show up. The other one is to keep going. Most people don’t keep going.” – Dan John

Garrett is originally from Missouri but began his personal training career in early 2012 in San Diego, CA. By the time he relocated back to the Midwest, he had worked with clientele from all walks of life and continues to do so here. Garrett has competed in Rugby, MMA, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and Crossfit which has helped him establish the importance of structuring detailed workout programs for his clients’, teammates’, and own unique and specific goals.

PatrickPatrick Orbin: USATF

“Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher.”

A soccer player, swimmer, competitive runner and Gaelic Football Player, Patrick has built an amazing fitness resume over the years. His USATF Certification and years of athletic competition have molded Patrick into a real up and comer in the fitness industry. Patrick merges his friendly and outgoing personality with his vast knowledge and experience in sports to make you Lionheart Fit, Lionheart Strong and ready to tackle anything.

 Julie MurphyJulie Murphy: NASM Certified Trainer, Cycling Instructor

“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new.”

Julie Murphy has been coaching individuals and teams since 2002 and instructing spinning since 2013. Whether working with 1 client or a group, she will come up with ways to challenge and motivate you. Whether your goal is toning, strengthening, weight loss or training for a race, Julie will create a workout focused on helping you achieve that as quickly as possible!

If cardio and a strong core is your goal Julie’s cycling classes are an efficient way to get a high intensity, low impact cardio workout followed by 10 minutes of killer core work. While listening to a playlist choreographed to make your ride go by quickly, you will push through 12-20 miles (600-1200 calories) of sprints, hills, climbs and core work.

As a certified coach, NASM certified fitness & nutrition specialist, lifelong athlete and healthy foodie, Julie is prepared to help you achieve your strongest and heathiest self!

 Ryan Wood: NASM Certified Trainer, Cycling Instructor

“You don’t get that ass you want by sitting on it.”

Ryan has been an avid fitness buff ever since a college professor told him that he would never get a job unless he started working out and getting in shape. Active and athletic from an early age, he approaches training from a sport and dance background. Ryan toured and performed for 14 years all over the world as a professional dancer. The self-discipline and focus created by the cutthroat entertainment industry has powered his healthy lifestyle and drive to always push himself harder. Quickly within meeting him you’ll realize he is someone who lives out his passion for life in all that he does. He brings an intense but fun high-energy class created for urban athletes who sweat with swagger and never sacrifice style for function.

Ryan enjoys crossfit, yoga, running, free diving, downhill skiing, rock climbing, and hiking. When he’s not on the bike you can find him walking his golden doodle, Emerson.


Cassy Guidinger: Fitness Coach- NASM Certified Trainer

 Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.”

Cassy sees personal training as a career and a blessing where she can teach others the impact movement and nutrition can have on one’s life. Cassy is a NASM certified personal trainer who sees an active and healthy lifestyle as something everyone should enjoy and cherish. She is an upbeat and active person who wants to share how enjoyable and rewarding fitness can be by reaching your physical and mental goals. Cassy is a firm believer in mind over matter; with the proper motivation, pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits is more than achievable. She also knows that balance is key and strives to promote quality over quantity.

Her goal is to help others be rewarded for their dedication with the improved quality of life found in a healthy lifestyle!

Sarah VanSlette: Cycling Instructor

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” -Helen Keller

Sarah was first certified as a spinning instructor when she was just a college student, and now she teaches college students as a professor at SIUE. Through graduate school she taught spinning at two Big Ten Universities (Purdue University and Michigan State) before moving back to St. Louis where she taught in Chesterfield. While she never stopped spinning (she was happily spinning the week before her first child was born!), she did take a break from spinning instruction, but is excited to be back in the saddle. Sarah is passionate about spinning because it can provide an intense workout to people who may not be able to run or perform high impact exercises.

Max Anderson: Cycling Instructor

“It’s never too late to become what you might have been.”  –George Eliot

Basically I feel like that person who woke up one day and said “I’m going to make a positive, challenging life change for myself and make it work.”  I was at a point where I was feeling very directionless and began noticing years of fatigue catching up with me, so I decided that I needed a fresh start and to work towards something different from anything I had pursued in most of my life.  I started exercising every day I possibly could and began eating healthier with the goal in mind of one day being a personal trainer/fitness instructor.  “Being a fitness instructor means not only getting to change myself for the better, but to positively affect other peoples’ lives on a personal level as well.”

Max loves spinning to different genres of rock music and creating interesting themes that you will remember.

Vona Kuczynska: Cycling Instructor

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade… Then find someone whose life has given them tequila, and have a party!”

Growing up, I practiced martial arts and participated in track and field, rowing, and cycling. I enjoyed organized sports because I’m social, enjoy pushing myself, and competing. These days, I mostly compete against calories from beer, French fries, and chocolate. They are a tough adversary!

I started spinning to combat the enemy, listen to good tunes while working out, and meet interesting people – all at the same time! As a wildlife biologist, I spend most of the summer in the woods, climbing trees, catching and tracking birds and bats, often up and down mountains while carrying a 40-pound backpack. It helps to stay in shape the rest of the year and keep my legs and core strong so that come summertime, my only worries are mosquitoes and the heat!

In my spare time, I enjoy all the typical granola activities: hiking with my dogs, riding my bike, backpacking, camping, canoe/kayaking, climbing, microbreweries, and traveling to remote natural places.

Favorite spin music: Anything upbeat with a fast tempo that I can wiggle around to such as Bloodhound Gang– The Bad Touch or Outkast– Hey Ya!

Stephanie Morris: Cycling Instructor

“Being challenged in life is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.”

Stephanie has always been an active person but developed a real interest in the full scope of health and wellness some years ago. She was set on course to become a fitness instructor herself when she became close friends with a class at a local gym. Her “fit-fam” of friends from the class pushed her out of her comfort zone and encouraged her to become an instructor. Stephanie’s Cycle class aims to keep you encouraged, motivated, and inspired while incorporating sprints, jumps, hills, and climbs into playlists of various genres. Her low-impact and high energy PiYo class, utilizing dynamic and powerful flows, is a great complement to more high-impact workouts. Stephanie’s goal with every class is to help you challenge yourself on your fitness journey and have fun along the way!