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Personal Training

We put the personal touch in Personal Fitness Training! Finding success and reaching your goals is never easy when it comes to fitness. Let our team of experts build a personalized training program to suit our needs and personal goals. Regardless if you are slimming down for an event or whether you wish to decrease body fat, or body build, or even cross condition…these sessions are perfect for you! Lionheart Personal Training can build the body you want and deserve.

Contracts include:

  • Fitness testing and evaluationDSC_0386_2
  • Program creation
  • Personalized instruction
  • Flexible schedule
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Home and grocery visits with our Nutritional Supplement Counselor
  • Caring and friendly staff who WILL get you to your goals


Fitness Evaluation:

Your first visit is free of charge; giving us a chance to test for strengths and weaknesses and to truly understand what it is you wish to accomplish. Testing includes the following:


  • Core Strength
  • Cardio Fitness
  • Full Strength Evaluation
  • Agility
  • Flexibility



Diet is as important as working out, and our trainers will design you a program that gets down to the calorie, if necessary, and update it as your body changes to ensure you keep seeing progress. WE ONLY SUCCEED WHEN YOU SUCCEED!

This includes: a complete nutrition program design, meal plans, grocery list, and our nutritional guide to help re-educate you on supportive eating to help you achieve your results.

Why is nutrition important to my success?
We cover a lot of information on nutrition in our programs, because eating to fuel the body (and your metabolism) is the greatest secret to achieving maximum results from your fitness program. In fact, several of our clients had already been working out consistently for years with little to no results before they hired us. By simply changing their nutrition program- serious results came fast. If you’ve been slaving away at a fitness program and have not seen dramatic results from your efforts- we can help by focusing on the nutritional component in working with you.

Individual programs are then developed to meet your individual fitness goals, whether you are a private client or in a small Semi-Private Group. Let us develop the perfect training program to suit your individual goals. Remember…this is all about you!

Ride, Row, Resistance Class :

This fun class combines the low impact, full-body aspect of rowing along with spinning to increase your muscular endurance and cardiovascular health. During the class we also incorporate strength work and core training to bring you a complete and efficient way to take your fitness to the next level.

Current Class Schedule: Monday 9:15am, Tuesday 6pm, Thursday 9:15am and 6pm,  Saturday 8:30am and 9:00pm.

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