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Treadmill Tips

Mar 7th, 2013

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Category: Cardio Fitness

Treadmill Tips


Running outside in the winter can be a challenge. Here are some tips for working out on the treadmill when the weather outside does not meet your running needs.

Replicate the road- To replicate the road add some incline to the treadmill. Running at no incline is much easier than running on the flat road so bump your incline up between three and five percent.

Find your sweet spot- If you run too close to the console your arms and your body will move differently than if you were outside running. Try and run in the middle of the tread so that your body can more freely and is not obstructed by the treadmill console.

Clock out- Instead of just watching the time and distance on the console of the treadmill make yourself a playlist. Then cover the distance and time on the consol with a towel or a shirt. Set the speed and incline at a challenging but doable rate and run until the playlist is over. Check the distance and try and run further next time.

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