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Three great core exercises to rock your abs

Mar 28th, 2013

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Three great core exercises to rock your abs


If your body fat is under 10% these three exercises can really pop your abs.

1. Pikes. Lay on your back arms and legs extended. Elevate your arms and legs up and over your hips so that they touch above your hips. Repeat 15 reps by x 3 sets.

2.Russian twists. With a heavy med-ball sit with the ball on the floor next to your left hip. Bend both knees slightly and lift both feet off the ground. Find your balance point, balancing only on your butt. With both hands rotate the ball left to right lightly touching the ball to the floor on both sides. Repeat 15 reps by x 3 sets.

3.  Bicycle Crunches. Lay flat on the floor. Bend both knees and place the hands behind the head interlock your figures behind your head. Slowly raise the left elbow towards the right knee and right elbow to the left knee. For more info please contact us at 314-452-2392.

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