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Mar 5th, 2013

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When setting goals it is important to be SMART about the goal or goals that you set. Here is a great acronym for setting SMART goals. Try to use this acronym next time you set a goal or goals. 

Specific- When creating goals it is important to be specific. Rather than creating a goal that is broad like, “I want to become stronger.”  Be more direct about how you would like to improve. Try to focus on one or a few specific things that you want to improve on. Try and focus on one specific lift or one specific distance if you are setting a goal for running. Another part of being specific is including things that you are going to do along the way on a regular basis to get to your goal. If your goal is to complete a triathlon, it is important to have a specific workout and diet plan that you are going to stick with so that you can reach your goal.

Measurable- When setting any goal it is important to make sure that there is a way that you can measure your goal. Find a way to include numbers when you set a goal. If you want to improve the amount of weight that you can lift when preforming a squat add the amount of weight that you would like to get to and include where you are right now.  An example of this would be, “I would like to increase my five rep max in squats from two hundred pounds to two hundred and twenty five pounds. “

Attainable-When setting goals you want to always set a goal that is possible to attain. If you have never lifted in your life it is not smart to set the goal of wanting to bench press six hundred pounds in the first six weeks of lifting. Make sure that you set a goal that is possible for you to attain. Then once you reach your goal set another one too much too fast is never the right way to go. This does not mean that you shouldn’t challenge yourself just make sure that the goal is within your reach or you will become discouraged.

Responsible Make sure that when you set a goal for yourself that it is responsible and takes things into consideration like your health. If you want to lose ten pounds in the next three months it would not be responsible to go from eating three meals a day to just starving yourself and eating a small meal once a day. Sometimes being responsible means that you should consult a physician or a personal training professional.

Time Bound-  It’s always important to give yourself a timeline. If you don’t do this there will never be a time that you can hold yourself accountable to. It is important to set multiple goals both short term and long term make sure that your short term goals help you reach your long term goals so that after each short term goal is completed you are one step closer to reaching your long term goal.

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