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MyPlate… The New Food Pyramid

Mar 7th, 2013

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Category: Nutrition

MyPlate… The New Food Pyramid


If you didn’t already know the USDA has officially done away with the food pyramid. The replacement is MyPlate.  Myplate is a new simpler way to look at things it gives you a visual picture of how your plate should look every meal.  The USDA realized that it is impossible to create a diet plan that is universal to everyone and giving an amount of servings per day is not realistic. Instead MyPlate encourages Americans to enjoy your food but eat less. Many Americans over eat when the reality is that everyone could eat a little less. Myplate encourages Americans to make half of every meal fruits and vegetables. One of the biggest problems with America’s diet is that we do not get the adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. Simply making half of your plate fruits and vegetables will go a very long way. They encourage everyone to make at least half of the grains that they eat whole grains.  Also the USDA says that sugary drinks add a lot of extra sugar that us unnecessary.


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