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Minimizing Injuries Through Fitness

May 13th, 2013

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Category: Injury Prevention

Minimizing Injuries Through Fitness

It is first and foremost important to have a routine physical before you jump right into any kind of fitness. A doctor will be able to give you healthy limitations if there are any that apply to you personally. Once you get started It is important to start easy and work your way up to where you want to be. For example someone that has never worked out in there life should not go outside and try and run ten miles. A ten to twenty minute jog would be a better place to start. Slowly increase the time and intensity as you progress. Before you jump right into your workout it is important to get a good warmup. A good warmup will get blood circulating throughout your body as well as beginning to elongate your muscles. I always tell my clients that once you can feel your body starting to perspire on the top part of your chest your body has been warmed up well enough to get started with your workout.  Before your warmup make sure that you eat and hydrate. It takes your body about two hours to turn food into energy that you can use. Therefore, eating two hours prior to a workout will put you where you need to be. It takes your body longer to take water and put it where it needs to be. It is best to hydrate the day before because so that you will be ready for your workout the following day. These few things will really help to jumpstart your fitness and you will be less likely to hurt yourself if you can follow these few measures.

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