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How Sprint Training Increases Full Body Strength

Apr 25th, 2013

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How Sprint Training Increases Full Body Strength

Many people think sprint workouts are done just to build cardio strength. The truth is there’s a lot more to it.  In fact the strength development created from sprinting is something that will help put you over the top in over all strength training. Consider building this into your workouts in the future.

How to begin:

400 meter repeats twice a week. If your not a runner start out carefully. Begin with a two lap light jog to warm up the legs and get your blood pumping. Once that is done lightly stretch for 10 mins. Next begin with three 100 meter escalation’s running the 100 meters slow to fast, the last 20 meters you should be at about 85% of your total speed. (Not all out but getting close) let yourself recover and stretch again if needed.

Next lets do some 400’s (one lap on the track)

Run one 400 at about 85% of max speed. Time yourself and double the amount of time it took you to run it and that is your recovery period. Repeat x 4 reps.

At the end run one slow lap and stretch. Try, as you improve to decrease the time of recovery by decreasing your over all time in the 400 meter. This should take about four weeks.  Once that has developed to an acceptable level then begin to add in both shorter and longer sprints into your workout. 100, 200, 800 meters.

What do you gain? Four major aspects will develop and aid in building your strength.

  1. Core strength: You could do 1000 crunches a day and still not develop that strong sexy core you want compared to trying this. As the knee raises and lowers through a sprint in is the abdomen muscles that allows this movement. The pressure put on them as you sprint can be as much as 10 times your body weight. This stress is not only through the abs but the entire 360 % of the hip including your Gluteus and low back.
  1. Full Body Fat and Calorie Burn: As you run you use every muscle in your body, this intern allows the body to call on the bodies fat stores for energy. Thus more fat burned. In addition, because of the intensity of the workout the body will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after the workout.
  1. Cardio Strength: It’s obvious that no matter how good you look, when the heart stops beating that that no longer matters. So doing sprint repeats aids in the strength of the Heart muscle as you sprint.
  1. Aid in building positive energy throughout your life: Not only can high intensity repeat workouts increase your energy levels it can also increase your sense of accomplishment and belief in your self.

Look for my next addition of building strength through sprinting.

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