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Getting In Shape For a Backpacking Trip

May 7th, 2013

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Category: Cardio Fitness

Getting In Shape For a Backpacking Trip

I love to go backpacking. I believe that it is a lot of fun and there is a great fitness aspect to it as well. Whether you’re getting back in shape after a layoff or tuning up for your first big hike, it’s wise to ease into a program a month or two in advance. Condition your body to return to a sport reduces the odds of injury, Plus, you’ll have more fun on the trail if you’re not huffing and puffing. this programs is designed to focus on the major parts of the body that you use while backpacking- the heart, quads, back, and core. Incorporate it into your regimen two or three times a week 4 to 6 weeks before your first hike.



20 Minutes on the treadmill at the highest incline and speed possible


Circuit repeat 4-6 times through

1. Lunges (with olympic bar on shoulders)-20 reps each leg

2.Alternating Reach Backs(hold medball straight above head)-20 reps each leg

3.Full sit-ups- 30 reps

4. Russian Twist- 30touches (each sir)

5. Mountain Climbers-90 Seconds

6.Burpees- 25 reps


Happy Trails!



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