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Why Lionheart


Richard King

Richard, the 1st King of England, has commonly been referred to as “Richard the Lionheart”. Crowned King in 1190 A.D., his short reign on the throne ushered in the greatest years of military conquest in English history. Known for his fearless leadership and military cunning, Richard conquered Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and all of the “Holy Lands”. He has become the epitome of strength, unending determination and loyalty in modern history.

Death came to him in 1099 A.D. due to an arrow shot by a 13 year-old boy who had set out to kill him in order to avenge his father and brother, whose deaths the boy believed came at the hands of Richard. Mortally wounded, Richard had the boy brought in front of him. The boy, expecting to be executed, snarled at the King, defiant in his stance. This, Richard respected. He pardoned the boy and made his final earthly statement. “The Lion has been smited by the ant. Go boy and live a long happy life in peace.”

His sense of honor, duty, determination, and pride is why we have named our studio after Richard the Lionheart.

We hope to instill these same attributes in every client we work with.