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Posted on 01/29/11

In my experience, Lionheart Fitness has always been a friendly environment. Even being a teenager among a primarily adult population, I still feel welcomed by both the trainers and other athletes. Everyone is simply happy to be there. The staff is very knowledgeable and the programs are specifically designed and tailored precisely to each individual to maximize success. Since my beginning, I have felt a dramatic increase in my endurance as well as my overall strength. It is clear to me that they really know they’re stuff. Workouts are crafted to last only roughly an hour, which is a huge benefit for a busy teenager like me. However, even in such a short time, I always go home dead tired. Trainers are always focused on the athlete, never phone calls or other business. However, although much individual attention is provided, sometimes trainers work with more than one athlete at a time. Overall, the area is clean and occupied by only high quality equipment.


Posted on 01/26/11

It was in May of 2008 when I discovered Lionheart Fitness Center. It’s like I discovered GOLD. One-on-one personal training was really good for me. It focused primarily on my personal goals and challenged me to be the best I can be. I went from a size 18 misses to (now) a size 8 misses. I am now able to wear a 2-piece tankini. [THANKS LIONHEART] I would not have dreamed this to be possible. Lionheart’s owner along with the trainers truly encourage their clients with great discipline and skilled determination as well a genuine desire to see ther clients succeed. They are always willing to answer qustions or share tips with their clients on eating and maintaining an overhall healthy attitude. I am still a dedicated client at Lionheart and. I am stronger, more vibrant, and more toned than ever before. If you really want to look good and feel good–mentally, physically, and emotionally, stop by Lionheart Fitness & Performance! You will be glad you did!!! I promise!! Jackie- client since 2008


Posted on 01/16/11

They really know their stuff! I’m an avid exerciser and read the science behind various aspects of exercise (biomechanics, proper and beneficial techniques, plyometrics, etc…) so it’s very difficult for people to pull the wool over my eyes in regards to fitness programs. I was thoroughly impressed by their wide range of knowledge and their ability to help me learn more. If you have a fitness goal you want to achieve, regardless of your current level, they are the ones that can help you get there! They are the one facility where the staff and clients are down-to-earth and positive as opposed to so many gyms that I’ve been to. You should expect a very friendly environment where no one feels they are out of place!

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Overall Excellent

What can I say? I love this place! I had been going to a local gym for about a year – nice place and I enjoyed it. Then a small group of us started at Lionheart and I quickly realized that what I thought was a workout at my old gym was nothing close to real workout. The staff at Lionheart took the time to evaluate my abilities from the very beginning and each time I go the workout is customized to meet my personal goals. The owner and his team are so professional yet authentically interested in your success that you can talk openly about your goals, progress and if you’re my age…. the occasional aches and pains. Love this place! Mike, Drew, Matthew and Jonathan – you are an awesome team!.

A Google User review-

Overall Excellent

Many personal trainers at the gyms are just kids with a few month’s training and a certificate. At Lionheart, the trainers have years of experience in training athletes at the state championship level. It’s a fitness studio rather than a gym, so you get much more attention and time devoted to you. I highly recommend them.

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These guys are awesome! I have been going to Lionheart for over a year, and am in the best shape of my life. As a former college athlete, I use to be very fit, however after than part of my life ended it was harder and harder to feel motivated to go to the gym and workouts were never as intense as they use to be. Working with Jonathan only two times a week, I am now benching and squatting the same amounts as I was in college. Beyond getting in shape, the guys at Lionheart treat you like family. I just turned 40 and there was a bottle of champagne waiting for me at the restaurant we went to. A gesture typically reserved for close friends. I can’t say enough good things about Lionheart. Brad Kelley

Jonathan is helping me transform my body from fluffy to less fluffy 🙂 He’s running a weight loss competition for the month of June a la biggest loser and there are 40 participants. It’s given me the drive to stay on my diet (most of the time) and the daily workouts are kicking my butt!! The gym is really clean and classes start at the top of every hour. There are 4 people tops in each semi-private and you feel encouraged by every one there. I’ve done crossfit, and I’ve done aerobics classes, and yoga…This is more of a combination of all of those and seems to more resemble a Bob Harper workout than anything else. All the trainers at the gym are certified and are vigilant about form, which is great because it stops unnecessary injuries. They are super fit, but they want you to be too without being all up in your face about it. All the customers are really supportive and friendly. I just love this place, even if I don’t really like all the working out :p

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I first joined Lionheart personal training in December 2012. From my first visit I was greeted by a smiling staff and warm and caring demeanor by each of them. Michael, Drew and Jonathan have all changed my life. As a cancer survivor I was encouraged by my physician to begin an exercise regiment I had never really worked out and felt that I would be the biggest challenge any trainer face. With caring and love they have each taught me how to build a happier life not just through fitness but through their personalities. I feel as if each of them are members of my own family and I know im in there hearts as well. I cannot recommend them enough and thank them so much for their time effort and caring towards me- Caroline Herrera

I have been a client at Lionheart personal training for 6 1/2 years now. As a local business owner I appreciate every trainer at Lionheart has shown me my wife and my children who all work out there. I’ve worked out at many studios in my adult life and have never before been treated with such respect and caring. Thanks guys for grade 6 1/2 years and I look forward to a bright future with my friends at Lionheart personal training.- Josh Allen

Excellent. Some of the best personal training I’ve ever used. Great facility, very personal service and truly customized to my wants and needs for fitness improvement. Two thumbs up, way up!! Thanks to Jonathan and Michael.- John Altmix

The workouts at Lionheart are excellent supplements to my already active lifestyle. The trainers care about their clients and know what workouts are best for their needs. My trainer accommodates my very serious, private health condition to provide the best care for me. -Anonymous

Matt is the most caring trainer. I was a size 18 in 2009 and now I wear a size 8! He coaches me on how to get rid of body fat in the areas that are tough for me to do it on my own.- Scott

Trainers are always coming up with different routines and have my best interest in mind. Appointment times are very flexible and they work to accommodate my busy work schedule. Very pleasant atmosphere.- Mark B