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Back On Track

Apr 29th, 2013

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Category: Athletic Performance

Back On Track

Does this sound familiar: summer is just around the corner and you’re still not even close to your New Years resolution.  Well, it’s not too late to renew your 2013 New Years’ goals and make this your sexiest year ever.

By incorporating a few new movements and working at a faster intensity you can accelerate past your plateaus to get the immediate and impressive results you want.

Below is a strength training routine that works well following the day after Michael’s track workout.

Workout: (3 sets each)

Trx Fallouts- 10 reps

Ab Ball Reverse Knee Crunches- 20 reps

Dumbbell Windmills- 10 reps


Leg Extension – 15 reps

Sumo Squats – 10 reps

Drop Lunges – 10 reps each side


Dumbbell Monkeys – 10 reps

Alternating Leg Curls – 10 reps each side

Single Arm Overhead Farmers Walk – 50 feet each side


Finish with (4) 100 meter sprints @ 90-95%

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