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What’s All This Talk About Juice Cleansing?

May 21st, 2013

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What’s All This Talk About Juice Cleansing?

I’m sure that many people have heard of this juice cleansing thing that has been being talked about lately among many people trying to lose weight and get rid of the toxins in there body. The questions are: Is a juice cleanse the right thing for you? What does drinking all this juice do for me any way? and Is drinking just juice for a period of time really going to make me lose weight and feel better about myself? What I am going to attempt to do today is to answer some of your questions about juice cleansing.



I’m sure that having toxins in our body is by no means a new concept to anyone who is reading this. When we digest food that has artificial coloring, breathe in carbon monoxide, or simply drink water that has been cleansed with chlorine we are putting toxins in our body. What happens is these toxins can do bad things to us such as cause inflammation in the body sort term or if we look at long term these toxins can cause heath problems such as cancer. A cleanse is designed to give your body plenty of anti oxidants as well as time to get rid of these bad things that build up when we don’t eat perfectly.



The whole idea behind a juice cleanse is to stop putting solid food into your body that is hard for your body to digest. In turn what you will do is drink only liquids that will speed up your natural digestive process. In doing this you give your body some extra needed time to get rid of the extra junk that has been lining your stomach and intestinal tract. Over time your body builds up layers of junk within your stomach and entire digestive tract. This is where a whole lot of toxins build up.


Will I lose weight?

I suggest a cleanse before someone is going to start a diet. I believe that cleanses are a great way to jumpstart a new healthy way of eating and working out. Just doing a cleanse to lose weight will not be beneficial in the long run because once you start to eat solid foods again you will most likely gain back most of the weight that you lose. It is also important to note that long term cleanses do have the tendencies to cause headaches as well as a loss in energy. I think that best idea is to start easy with a three to five day cleanse and then if you like the way that you felt after that then you can move on to a longer cleanse.


The Bottom Line

To me the bottom line is give it a try. I believe that everything in moderation is a great thing. I do not personally believe that moving to a diet that only consists of juice is a good idea for a very long amount of time but starting with three to five days and then moving up is a good idea. Make sure that you check with your doctor and make sure that you do not have any health issues that will put you at risk when you start a cleanse. And last but not least stick with it. This is not something that is easy to do even if it is only for three days. Give your body time to adjust and understand that sometimes letting your body get rid of extra junk is not going to be comfortable.





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