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Walk This Way

May 20th, 2013

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Walk This Way

Isn’t it time you stop just “going through the motions”? No matter what my clients goals or activity levels are, there is one thing that separates those that eventually achieve their goals and those who simply are fine with just going through the motions.


While walking my new puppy the other day I was reminded of how true this is. I was ambling slowly and aimlessly and he kept pulling on the leash wondering everywhere until I started to get annoyed. Realizing that he was taking control of the walk I changed my posture by pulling my shoulder blades back, taking brisker (not necessarily faster) steps, and adjusted my breathing to opening my diaphragm more. All of this actually helped me relax MORE, but put me back in charge of the walk and soon he was back to being the perfect dog again (well almost).


These same aspects of perfecting movements, whether they are more complex  or just sitting in a chair, are the things that make a difference. Nobody is perfect but working for that effortless mastery is what keeps those who want to accept the challenge and those that do not. It’s not as simple as saying be positive, because that’s not always the case in life. All you have to do is be patient, have a desire to want to get better, and not be afraid to fail a few times along the way.


  1. Be Patient- Start with the basics. Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or trying to get in shape for the first time you need to break down what your trying to accomplish and build a base of cardio and core strength. Set attainable short term goals and begin to work toward them knowing that bigger things lie ahead.


  1. Desire to Get Better- Everyone wants to look and feel better and the best way to achieve it is to have a little excitement about it when you get to the gym. Turn on your favorite playlist, bring a workout partner or whatever you have to do that day/ week/ month/ year to make it an enjoyable experience. If you dread your starting your workout more than seeing your ex on valentines day, eventually you’re going to find something else to do.  Become an expert in tricking yourself to Want to workout.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail- Some of the best sessions my clients have require them to rest for 90 or more seconds. In my personal workouts there are times where I have recovery intervals of 3-5 minutes. Some of the most unproductive workouts are when people have been trained to not go past a certain intensity and basically never need a recovery throughout the entire hour. Sometimes it’s because they are pacing themselves too much to finish the entire hour. If this is you… stop, now. Forget finishing the entire hour and instead focus on finishing the half hour and let go of the impulse to hold back. Increase your intensity and once you get to the half hour start pacing yourself again until you gain the endurance to stay at that level for an extended period. and don’t forget to have a little fun along the way.

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