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Is less more when it comes to fitness?

May 24th, 2013

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Category: Athletic Performance

Is less more when it comes to fitness?

There is a craze in fitness now that could be the key to getting America moving. Ideas such as 20 mins to fitness is based on an idea contrary to most held in the fitness industry. But is it really viable to say it works?


In my mind it depends on the following. First what is your own personal fitness goal? If you’re a couch potato who hasn’t done anything physical in 20 years the answer then is a resounding yes. But suppose you have a more poignant goal. Gaining 20 lbs of muscle for example? This idea then doesn’t hold water.


Now lets say during your 20 mins your work level is less than appropriate. During your 20 mins you do 3 push ups and 1 crunch while coffee talking with your friend. Well then I’d say just stay home. The key to the idea of short workouts is really understanding and using  intensity.


In my mind intensity is the key to general fitness. If you can accept it and build on it you can have short intense workout that will benefit your overall fitness.So yes often times less is more. I think also the choice of exercise is very important. Below is a good short intense workout that will take only 20 mins to complete.

For example:

Set 1

Chest Press 60 lbs dumb bells x 10 x 1

20 power ups

20 Russian twists

Chalice squats 45 lbs dumb bell 15 x 1

Set 2

Vertical Chest press 60 dumb bells 10 x 1

20 box jumps

20 Military cruches

Olympic squats 205 lbs 10 x 1

Set 3

Incline bench 45 lbs 10 x 1

20 cowboy jumps

20 Pikes

20 Hack squats 85 lbs 10 x 1

Set 4

Incline bench vertical press 45 lbs 10 x 1

20 dead drops

20 full crunches

20 front squats 35 lbs dumb bells 10 x 1




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