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Five fitness myths you need to know

Mar 19th, 2013

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Category: Injury Prevention

Five fitness myths you need to know


A lot of people tell me regularly that they don’t do things for this reason or that reason.


90 % of the time its myth and not fact that guides them.


1. Perspiration reflects calories burned. This just isn’t true, sweat is simply the body releasing heat and has no direct comparison to calories burned


2. Increased salt in the diet will reduce cramping or a stitch in your side. There is no evidence that this wasn’t simply made up by your gym teacher.


3. Drinking too much water causes cramps. This also is untrue. Yes water can cause you to feel full and a little bit slow but cannot cause cramping.


4. That cardio fitness is all about counting miles or distance. This is just not true. The measure of cardiostrength with say running should be measured by time. Yes, distance is part of it but increasing distance within the same time span as 3 weeks before is a truer measure of the heart and lungs to do the work compared to adding miles and increasing time. This should only be done when you have reached your fullest potential of miles to time ration.


5. Runners don’t need to weight train. This is untrue. Strength is crucial to the development of any athlete.


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