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Eat out and still get into your skinny jeans

Mar 9th, 2013

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Category: Nutrition

Eat out and still get into your skinny jeans

It is we can all agree difficult to eat out with friends and not violate the diet. Well here are a few tricks to help you stay in your skinny jeans.

1. Find out where you will be eating. In this information age it is super easy to just Google the place. Look closely at the menu. Choice something in advance that you know is the right decision.

2.  If you find something you like but it only comes with fries call in advance to ask if you can substitute a veggie or a salad. That way you won’t feel put on the spot and you will be prepared to not just say yes to the fries.

3. Just because its on the plate doesn’t mean you need to eat it all and lick the plate. There is nothing wrong with left overs.

4. Drink a large glass of water before you eat.

5. Don’t fall into peer pressure. “oh come on, lets split a pizza and wings.”

Remember, you look damn good in those jeans. Good luck!

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