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5 Health Tips

Mar 8th, 2013

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5 Health Tips

1. Guava Juice May Be Better Than Viagra
In ancient Greece, a number of guava species used to be associated with “reproduction.” Some American scientists carried out an experiment involving 200 males.  They were provided with 300 ml guava juice after dinner every night and the result was even better than that of Viagra.  The reason is there is plenty amount of antioxidants within guava, which are helpful for blood circulation and erection of the male penis.


2.Red Wine Will Increase Your Short Term Memory


A glass of wine every evening can vastly improve your short-term memory retention.  The daily limit is 300 ml and if you drink more than that amount, it could damage your brain cells, with negative implications on your attention span.


3.Teeth grindinig will give away your anxiety

Psychologically speaking, teeth grinding is an indication of emotional distress.  Regular teeth grinders are twenty percent more as likely to feel emotional tiredness as compared to non teeth grinding.  If you begin to notice that you have been grinding teeth in your sleep, find out if you have been under undue stress in your work; it may be time to evaluate what is stressing you out in your day to day life


4.Whistling will increase your lung capacity

Whistling is not only a habit for men. Women can get used to the habit of whistling.  The reverse way of breathing in the air by sucking up the lips can improve the breathing function, as it expands the capacity of the lung.
5. Pumpkin Will Make You Brighter
The vitamin B6 and minerals within pumpkin are both helpful in converting your blood sugar into glucose.  Because glucose is the only form of nutrient that can be processed by the brain, it can go a long way to improve your intelligence!


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