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3 Great Fitness Apps

Mar 26th, 2013

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Category: Cardio Fitness

3 Great Fitness Apps


1. MapMyRun– This is a great app for running. It lets you play your music while in the back round it uses gps to track your speed as well as the entire route that you have run. Every so often (which you decide the interval) the app fades your music down and a computerized voice tells you your one mile pace and your distance. There is a free version of this app as well as a paid version.

2. My Fitness Pal– This app is a great calorie counter that is free and easy to use. You can scan barcodes with your phone and the app pulls up the nutritional values and you can save your entire meals that way. The app asks you about your goals and gives you a number of calories to shoot for each day. I wish that it did a better job of breaking down what you are eating into food groups but if you know a little about eating right it tracks your food intake pretty well.

3. EveryTrail- Think of this as your on-call trail guide. Whether you’re in Thailand or Timbuktu, this app is a great resource for finding hikes and walks with directions to the trailhead. There are nearly a half million trips in the database, and more are being added all the time. You’ll also find first-hand reports from other users who traveled the trails you’re investigating. Out on the trail, upload and share photos on the fly. It also records your route via satellite GPS, so whether your running, biking or piloting a paraglider, you’ll know where you’ve been.


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