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Lionheart Running

Running is never easy…and racing can be even more challenging. Our USATF Certified Trainers have over 40 years of combined experience in developing road racing, cross country and, track and field programs.

Creators of Speed and Power Programs for current athletes at the University of Missouri at Columbia and St. Louis, Webster University, Lindenwood, and UMKC; we are confident we mold you into the runner/racer you deserve to be!

What will you get?

CONFIDENCE, a real race plan, full membership in Lionhearts race team and quality coaching!

Each Training Session includes the following:


  • Specialized strength training for your chosen event.
  • Specialized core strength program.
  • Comprehensive training plan to prep you for your next race.
  • Plyometric training to add power to your run.
  • Sports physiology to make you a solid competitor
  • Caring and professional coaches to help you reach your goals

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