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Group Fitness


Are you at the beginning of your fitness journey? Or maybe a fitness enthusiast or even a professional athlete? Either way, Lionheart sessions are made for all fitness levels. We deliver low-impact and form-centric movements to reduce the risk of injury while still providing a kick-ass workout. With classes available for spin, rowing and resistance training, you’ll never get bored or plateau.

Row machineROWRIDE X

This class combines the low impact, full-body aspect of rowing to improve your muscular endurance and cardiovascular health. During the class, we incorporate strength work and core training to bring you a complete and efficient way to take your fitness to the next level.

Cardio and strength training have been proven to be the staples of human longevity. At Lionheart, your efforts are monitored by our innovative cardio system that provides sophisticated feedback and allows for you to easily track your progress.


Lionheart is big on community – and with our welcoming and personable staff, you’ll feel part of the family in no time. Whether it’s your first ride or your hundredth, our instructors will always be there to make you feel comfortable. And speaking of comfort, Lionheart provides complimentary towels, lockers, and refreshments to make your total experience amazing.

Current Class Schedule:

Monday 6:00am, 9:15am, and 6:30pm, Tuesday 6pm, Thursday 9:30am and 6pm,  Saturday 8:30am and 9:00pm.